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April 21, 2009

Grub by Elise Blackwell

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by Elise Blackwell

This book is about several young authors. Most of them have had at least one book published. Jackson Miller, who’s parents disowned him when he pursued his writing career, is still trying to write the perfect book. He has confidence and talent. Eddie and Amanda are married. Eddie’s first book was a hit. . . He hasn’t been that lucky since then. Amanda isn’t sure she still wants to support his writing career. Henry Baffler is another young author in the book. He is recording things in his life. He finds his belief in New Realism slowly fading… The story is about the four young authors who are trying to find/acheive their goals.

I liked this story, but i wouldn’t read it again. I found it very entertaining and funny. Some of the conflicts were very creative. I thought the book was well-written. Some of the characters i didn’t like particularly well. Elise didn’t conentrate on one character for long periods of time which kept the plots  never ending.


February 26, 2009

Review for “Prayed Up” by Stephanie Perry Moore

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Perry Skky Jr. is a normal teenager. Well, if you consider a freshman college football player with looks to kill for is normal. He has made some mistakes in his life, just like all of us. He wants to be able to pray more intimately with God. His mistakes are messing up his games and life. It turns out that his girlfriend has some bad news herself that could change things for them forever. He vows to do his best in games and to stay pure, but does he have what it takes? Does he have the right influence? Will he make more mistakes that will mess things up again?

I didn’t like this book very well. However, it did have some points that were well-written and insightful. I found it rather boring at times. I didn’t like the slang. That could be an asset or an annoyance depending on the reader. Yes, it did mention things I agree with. I liked how Perry tried to come back to God and fix his problems instead of letting them control his life. I liked that he realized he was doing wrong things and knew they weren’t the only way out.

January 24, 2009

taking care of your “girls” by Marisa C. Weiss, M.D. and Isabel Friedman

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First of all, I didn’t read this book for pleasure.

This book is divided into two different parts: ‘knowing your “girls” inside and out’ and ‘taking care of your “girls”‘. The book begins when a breast begins; in the womb. It covers why people have nipples and areolas. It also covers why a person might  have a three of those. It teaches the reader to become comfortable with her breast and how to check for strange bumps. The first part also covers that not all of the bumps are cancerous. The first part covers fluid from the nipple and other strange things that the nipple can eject.

‘Taking care of your girls’ (part two) starts with standing up for yourself and how to react to a bully’s comment about the size of someone’s breast. The rest of part two talks about when to use camis, sports bras, wired bras, etc. And the side effects of not using the right bra for you. It also discusses what causes breast cancer and all the myths in between. It also covers breast surgery. The book concludes with how to make healthy choices in food products which leads to healthy breasts.

Personally, I liked this book. I thought it was very informative. The authors defined some of the ‘bigger’ words (such as pesticides, mammograms, cysts, etc.) so all ages could read and understand it. At the beginning of each chapter, a few quotes from girls would say things they were self conscious about, confused with, and embarrassed with which made the reader feel like they aren’t the only ones with questions. Also, at the end of each chapter was a section called ‘Any questions?’. Sometimes the questions would get repetitive. Some of the questions would have been answered in the chapter. Other than that, the questions (and answers) were very helpful. Overall, I give this book 4 out of five stars!

January 4, 2009

The sweet, terrible, glorious year I truly, completely lost it by Lisa Shanahan

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Gemma’s sister, Debbie Stone, is engaged to a man she’s been dating for a month. (brian)The families don’t approve of each other when they first meet.the stone’s think that brian’s family is crazy. Brian’s family thinks that debbie’s family are wimps and will ruin their family blood.

Gemma likes a guy named nick. He’s an older guy. He hardly knows she exists.The mysterious Raven de Head is interested in Gemma. (no one likes the de Heads. They are all destined to be drop outs).

When nick asks Gemma to try out for the school play she doesn’t want to. (she gets horrible stage fright). . . but Nick asked her! so she goes to practice after school. (hoping to get to hang with him.) Unfortunately, Raven goes to practice too. And guess who Gemma gets paired with. Raven.

However, she learns that there’s more to the de Heads than meets the eye. (what that is, exactly, i’ll never tell.)

This book was surprisingly good. When i read the summary on the back of the book i was a little worried when i bought it. (a friend of mine said it was amazing.) i know the plot just sounds ridiculous. But trust me, this book is insanely funny. But it gets down to business too.

I thought the author did a good job at letting the story flow. (it didn’t get confusing)i didn’t really like the end, though. It left you hanging. (hopefully that means she’ll write a sequal.) With or without the cliff-hanger of an ending this book is a must read

January 2, 2009

marked by P.C Cast & Kristen Cast

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Zoey Redbird has just been marked. This means she’s been turned into a vampyre.

Vampyres live with humans (well, to an extent). They go to a school called house of night. They only come out during the night. (The sun is too bright. It hurts their eyes)

Most humans tend to stay away from vampyres. humans don’t normally accept vampyres. (This is one of the reasons Zoey doesn’t want to be one)

At the house of night fledging vampyres train to become adult vampyres. But not all fledging vampyres become adult vampyres. some can’t handle the Change and, unfortunately, die.

Something weird happens when Zoey first arrives at the house. A guy named Erik seems to be attracted to her. He stares at her in a way that zoey isn’t used to.

It turns out that Zoey is no ordinary fledging vampyre. She’s showing signs of a more mature vampyre. (she has bloodlust already, she can hear hearbeats, she imprints on her ex-boyfriend, etc.)

As Zoey finds out more of what it means to be a vampyre she begins to not despise it as much as she used to. She can make a difference at the school. (for the better) She just has to figure out how to get other people (besides her friends) to believe her that some people aren’t as nice as they seem on the surface.

The story line for this book was very interesting but there was a cuss word on every other page. (well, almost) The ending left you hanging. (ugh. those annoy me) There were some explicit scenes which i didn’t think were necessary. I was a little disappointed in the book, though. Those cuss words were not necessary.

The alchemyst by Michael Scott

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Sophie Newman thought it was a little strange to see a man wear an overcoat in the middle of the summer in San Fransicso. Little did she know that her life would never be the same after that day.

Her brother, Josh, works at the bookstore across the street from where Sophie works. (She works at a coffee shop. Convenient, right?) When josh is working he hears something that sounds like crashes. A little bit after that he smells something like eggs and peppermint. (This is very odd)

They live normal lives. (well, pretty much. What is considered normal?) their parents are archeologists. They’re twins. They both have summer jobs. It’s just… normal.

it turns out that Josh and Sophie’s employers are not who they appear to be. First off, their last names are fake. They go by Nicholas and Parenelle Fleming. Their real last names are Flamel. All records show that they died the 1400’s

Well. . . they didn’t.

Nicholas Flamel is one of the greatest alchemysts. He has the book of Abraham. (It holds the secret to eternal life).  Him and his wife haven’t aged since they’ve started using the elixir of life.

Dr. John Dee wants the Book of Abraham. He’s been trying to get his hands on it for centuries. Josh and Sophie witness the magic that goes between the Flamels and Dr. Dee.

They are no longer safe from him.

They have to with the Flamels on their journey to keep the Book safe.

Wow, sorry if that made no sense at all. As i’m reading it, i’m lost. However, my blog isn’t popular so it’s not crucial that everything makes sense.

I really liked this book. Micheal Scott went all out on imagination. (his book makes sense unlike my blog). Every character in this book (except for the twins) are based on real historical characters or mythological beings. It’s not one of my favorite books. However, it is pretty amazing.

the host by stephenie meyer

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Melanie Stryder is a wild human. These are rare.What are wild humans? They are humans that do not have souls. Souls are little 3 inch parasites. They inhabit most of the things that live on the many planets. (i.e. things similar to spiders, dolphins, etc.) You guessed it! It’s science fiction.

Wanderer (nicknamed wanda) inhabits Melanie. Wanda is ‘famous’ for her kind. She’s been to many different planets and hasn’t found one she wants to call home. (This is unusual. Most souls find their home planet after they’ve lived on 2 or 3 different planets.)

But something goes wrong when Wanderer inhabits Melanie. Melanie refuses to fade away. She does her best to keep all her important memories from Wanderer.

As Melanie and Wanderer live ‘together’ they somehow find a bond that’s unbreakable. Will they both be able to live? What will become of the other wild humans? (yes, there are more wild humans)

I LOVED this book. (sorry for the spoiler, though. don’t worry, there is so much more that happens in this book that my little review will not have ruined the book at all) Stephenie meyer analyzes human emotions and love. She redefines what it means to be human. This is one of those books that you can’t put down till the weee hours in the morning (on school nights). Overall, i give it 2 thumbs up, a ten, etc.

January 1, 2009

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll

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this classic novel is something everyone has heard of at least once in their lifetime.

as you all know, alice enters a magical place where there are kings and queens of hearts, gyphons, a mad hatter, a rabbit with a clock and other insanely creative characters.

i thought lewis carroll did an excellent job in creativity and writing.
there are a variety of differences from the book and the movie.
in this book there is no guessing how the book will continue because there are so many random turns and twists. alice may not be the sharpest tool in the shed but she adds her own kind of humor into ‘alice’s adventures in wonderland’ that will have the readers ‘laugh-until-you-can’t-read-the-page-because-you-have-tears-in-your-eyes-from-laughing-at-all-the-things-that-alice-does-or-says’
oh yes. that is right.

to me, this is a personal favorite. there are a lot of books out there about summers, boys, schools, yada yada yada…
but this book brings a new meaning the word ‘random’ or ‘unique’. (no wonder some people call it a ‘stoner book’. its just soo… random and uique. )
its definitely not the normal book.
who likes the norm anway?

alice makes mistakes and tries to get out of the problems while learning the ways of the wonderland. between crying a pool (and almost drowning in it) to meeting a mouse (who almost leaves her because she won’t stop talking about cats and dogs!) this book has the reader travel through an imaginative and creative, one of a kind, classic book.

Thr3e by Ted Dekker

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this book is definitely a book you should put on your ‘want to read’ list.
thr3e is a great book for those people who read books only by christian authors, who like suspense, or who just like good page-turners.

kevin parson is young man in his twenties who has had a difficult past.
unfortunately, his future doesn’t look very bright either.

he’s riding in his car when suddenly his phone rings. now, this is strange because no one ever calls him. he hasn’t had his phone for very long.
so, of course, he answers his phone.
a man who calls himself richard slater called.
after a little bit of frightening chit chat slater says he’s going to play a little game with kevin.
slater gives kevin three minutes to call the newspaper and confess his sin, or he’ll blow the car up sky-high.

slater is also very fond of riddles and the number three.
slater’s first riddle: what falls but never breaks? what breaks but never falls?

kevin narrowly escapes the first riddle. but can he manage to solve slater’s riddles to save his life? what’s his sin? why kevin?
trust me, there are enough questions the reader is asking to drive anyone nutty.
all these questions are answered in the book.
kevin has to dig deep into his past to solve all of slater’s riddles. (which kevin has been desperately trying to forget)

as you read more of this book you realize what all humans are capable of and more of your sinful nature.

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