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January 4, 2009

The sweet, terrible, glorious year I truly, completely lost it by Lisa Shanahan

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Gemma’s sister, Debbie Stone, is engaged to a man she’s been dating for a month. (brian)The families don’t approve of each other when they first meet.the stone’s think that brian’s family is crazy. Brian’s family thinks that debbie’s family are wimps and will ruin their family blood.

Gemma likes a guy named nick. He’s an older guy. He hardly knows she exists.The mysterious Raven de Head is interested in Gemma. (no one likes the de Heads. They are all destined to be drop outs).

When nick asks Gemma to try out for the school play she doesn’t want to. (she gets horrible stage fright). . . but Nick asked her! so she goes to practice after school. (hoping to get to hang with him.) Unfortunately, Raven goes to practice too. And guess who Gemma gets paired with. Raven.

However, she learns that there’s more to the de Heads than meets the eye. (what that is, exactly, i’ll never tell.)

This book was surprisingly good. When i read the summary on the back of the book i was a little worried when i bought it. (a friend of mine said it was amazing.) i know the plot just sounds ridiculous. But trust me, this book is insanely funny. But it gets down to business too.

I thought the author did a good job at letting the story flow. (it didn’t get confusing)i didn’t really like the end, though. It left you hanging. (hopefully that means she’ll write a sequal.) With or without the cliff-hanger of an ending this book is a must read


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