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January 2, 2009

The alchemyst by Michael Scott

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Sophie Newman thought it was a little strange to see a man wear an overcoat in the middle of the summer in San Fransicso. Little did she know that her life would never be the same after that day.

Her brother, Josh, works at the bookstore across the street from where Sophie works. (She works at a coffee shop. Convenient, right?) When josh is working he hears something that sounds like crashes. A little bit after that he smells something like eggs and peppermint. (This is very odd)

They live normal lives. (well, pretty much. What is considered normal?) their parents are archeologists. They’re twins. They both have summer jobs. It’s just… normal.

it turns out that Josh and Sophie’s employers are not who they appear to be. First off, their last names are fake. They go by Nicholas and Parenelle Fleming. Their real last names are Flamel. All records show that they died the 1400’s

Well. . . they didn’t.

Nicholas Flamel is one of the greatest alchemysts. He has the book of Abraham. (It holds the secret to eternal life).  Him and his wife haven’t aged since they’ve started using the elixir of life.

Dr. John Dee wants the Book of Abraham. He’s been trying to get his hands on it for centuries. Josh and Sophie witness the magic that goes between the Flamels and Dr. Dee.

They are no longer safe from him.

They have to with the Flamels on their journey to keep the Book safe.

Wow, sorry if that made no sense at all. As i’m reading it, i’m lost. However, my blog isn’t popular so it’s not crucial that everything makes sense.

I really liked this book. Micheal Scott went all out on imagination. (his book makes sense unlike my blog). Every character in this book (except for the twins) are based on real historical characters or mythological beings. It’s not one of my favorite books. However, it is pretty amazing.


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