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January 2, 2009

marked by P.C Cast & Kristen Cast

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Zoey Redbird has just been marked. This means she’s been turned into a vampyre.

Vampyres live with humans (well, to an extent). They go to a school called house of night. They only come out during the night. (The sun is too bright. It hurts their eyes)

Most humans tend to stay away from vampyres. humans don’t normally accept vampyres. (This is one of the reasons Zoey doesn’t want to be one)

At the house of night fledging vampyres train to become adult vampyres. But not all fledging vampyres become adult vampyres. some can’t handle the Change and, unfortunately, die.

Something weird happens when Zoey first arrives at the house. A guy named Erik seems to be attracted to her. He stares at her in a way that zoey isn’t used to.

It turns out that Zoey is no ordinary fledging vampyre. She’s showing signs of a more mature vampyre. (she has bloodlust already, she can hear hearbeats, she imprints on her ex-boyfriend, etc.)

As Zoey finds out more of what it means to be a vampyre she begins to not despise it as much as she used to. She can make a difference at the school. (for the better) She just has to figure out how to get other people (besides her friends) to believe her that some people aren’t as nice as they seem on the surface.

The story line for this book was very interesting but there was a cuss word on every other page. (well, almost) The ending left you hanging. (ugh. those annoy me) There were some explicit scenes which i didn’t think were necessary. I was a little disappointed in the book, though. Those cuss words were not necessary.


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