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January 1, 2009

Thr3e by Ted Dekker

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this book is definitely a book you should put on your ‘want to read’ list.
thr3e is a great book for those people who read books only by christian authors, who like suspense, or who just like good page-turners.

kevin parson is young man in his twenties who has had a difficult past.
unfortunately, his future doesn’t look very bright either.

he’s riding in his car when suddenly his phone rings. now, this is strange because no one ever calls him. he hasn’t had his phone for very long.
so, of course, he answers his phone.
a man who calls himself richard slater called.
after a little bit of frightening chit chat slater says he’s going to play a little game with kevin.
slater gives kevin three minutes to call the newspaper and confess his sin, or he’ll blow the car up sky-high.

slater is also very fond of riddles and the number three.
slater’s first riddle: what falls but never breaks? what breaks but never falls?

kevin narrowly escapes the first riddle. but can he manage to solve slater’s riddles to save his life? what’s his sin? why kevin?
trust me, there are enough questions the reader is asking to drive anyone nutty.
all these questions are answered in the book.
kevin has to dig deep into his past to solve all of slater’s riddles. (which kevin has been desperately trying to forget)

as you read more of this book you realize what all humans are capable of and more of your sinful nature.


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