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January 1, 2009

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll

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this classic novel is something everyone has heard of at least once in their lifetime.

as you all know, alice enters a magical place where there are kings and queens of hearts, gyphons, a mad hatter, a rabbit with a clock and other insanely creative characters.

i thought lewis carroll did an excellent job in creativity and writing.
there are a variety of differences from the book and the movie.
in this book there is no guessing how the book will continue because there are so many random turns and twists. alice may not be the sharpest tool in the shed but she adds her own kind of humor into ‘alice’s adventures in wonderland’ that will have the readers ‘laugh-until-you-can’t-read-the-page-because-you-have-tears-in-your-eyes-from-laughing-at-all-the-things-that-alice-does-or-says’
oh yes. that is right.

to me, this is a personal favorite. there are a lot of books out there about summers, boys, schools, yada yada yada…
but this book brings a new meaning the word ‘random’ or ‘unique’. (no wonder some people call it a ‘stoner book’. its just soo… random and uique. )
its definitely not the normal book.
who likes the norm anway?

alice makes mistakes and tries to get out of the problems while learning the ways of the wonderland. between crying a pool (and almost drowning in it) to meeting a mouse (who almost leaves her because she won’t stop talking about cats and dogs!) this book has the reader travel through an imaginative and creative, one of a kind, classic book.


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